Krisenklima: Umweltkonflikte aus lateinamerikanischer Perspektive.

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Climate change, species extinction, massive exploitation of resources, environmental pollution, the consumption of non-renewable but vital elements – all these are symptoms of a planetary crisis that is currently threatening the very existence of ecosystems – and thus also of human beings.
Despite its global dimensions, this crisis has very different regional, social, and political impacts. This volume examines the global facets of these multiple environmental crises from the perspective of Latin America. In doing so, the interconnections with Europe are also emphasized, especially with regard to consumption related to the crisis. At the same time, the contributions discuss concrete solutions and creative responses to the global ecological crisis from a Latin American perspective.

Peters, S. & Burchardt, H.-J. (Eds.) (2021). Krisenklima: Umweltkonflikte aus lateinamerikanischer Perspektive. Nomos.