Nada dura para siempre: Neo-extractivismo tras el boom de las materias primas

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In the wake of high world market prices, many commodity states experienced an economic boom at the beginning of the 21st century. In this context, Latin America attracted a great deal of international attention with its development model of neo-extactivism. It succeeded in combining (relative) economic prosperity with considerable social development successes and democratic legitimacy. At the same time, critical voices complained about the negative socio-ecological consequences of the intensified exploitation of raw materials and the crisis-prone nature of the neo-extractivist development model. With the significant decline in commodity prices on the world market since 2013/2014, the vulnerability of neo-extractivism became apparent. In the current crisis, many of the development successes from the beginning of the 21st century are in danger of being called into question.

The new publication “Nada dura para siempre: Neo-extractivismo tras el boom de las materias primas” looks at the economic, social, political and socio-ecological consequences of neo-extractivism, as well as the impact of the price collapse on commodity-based development models in Latin America, via case and comparative studies from different perspectives. In particular, the contributions discuss the economic, labor, and social policy challenges and possible future strategies for a sustainable transformation of Latin American development models. The book brings together research results from a cooperation between the Department of International and Inter-Societal Relations and the International Center for Development and Decent Work at the University of Kassel and the Unidad de Información Socio-Ambiental of the Universidad Andina Simón Bolívar in Quito / Ecuador.

Burchardt, H.-J., Domínguez, R., Larrea, C. & Peters, S. (Eds.) (2016). Nada dura para siempre: Neo-extractivismo tras el boom de las materias primas. UASB-ICDD.

The book can be downloaded in Spanish: [Download]