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Philip Fehling is scientific coordinator of the Center for Advanced Latin American Studies (CALAS) at the University of Kassel. He studied political science, public law and philosophy at the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster and received his doctorate at the University of Kassel with a thesis on the political economy of rent and fiscal conflicts in Argentina. In addition to Latin American fiscal and financial policy, his interests include political theory, the history of the labor movement and historical and current perspectives on the reduction of working hours.

Research Interests

• Political Economy
• Taxation and the State in countries of the Global South
• Social inequalities
• Rent and Rentier-Societies

Regional focus: Latin America (Cono Sur)

Recent Publications

  • Fehling, P. (2017). Ideen gerechter Besteuerung im Wandel– Zur politischen Ökonomie finanzwissenschaftlicher Besteuerungsparadigmen. In: W. Nienhüser, U. Schmiel & W. Matiaske (Ed.): Steuern und Gesellschaft (49–179). Metropolis-Verlag.