Diploma Course “Sustainability and Social Justice. Perspectives for a Change” successfully completed by CALAS, CELA & CLACSO – Two new digital courses ready to start

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Between August and December 2021, more than ninety students with diverse backgrounds attended the graduate course “Sustainability and Social Justice. Perspectives for Change” which focuses on exploring concepts and methods for addressing climate change and reducing social inequalities in Latin America. Scientific leadership was provided by the professors Dr. Hans-Jürgen Burchardt (Uni-Kassel/CALAS/CELA), Dr. Kristina Dietz (University of Vienna) and Dr. Stefan Peters (JLU Gießen/CAPAZ). Dr. Irene Lungo (Uni-Kassel/ CALAS) coordinated the seminar.

The course presented diverse and in-depth analyses that linked actors as well as structural, institutional, and cultural determinants of potential social-ecological change in Latin America. From an interdisciplinary perspective, the course presented innovative concepts and explored local experiences, revealing “concrete utopias” and alternatives. The debate allowed fundamental, inspiring, and innovative reflections on the possibilities and limits of socio-ecological change in the region.

This successful experience is the starting point of a larger offer provided by CELA and CALAS. Recently, CELA/University of Kassel won the Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo ((BID) – Inter-American Development Bank) contest for the implementation of digital courses. Therefore, the course “Sustainability, Development and Social Participation” will be hosted in the first half of 2022. A new diploma course on “Wealth and Inequalities” will also be implemented in 2022 in collaboration with CLACSO.

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